Are you in compliance with the rules for the commercial use of drones?

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Do you already have a license?

Did you have your drone inspected technically?

Do you have an operational manual?

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Safe and legal use of drones?

The roadmap that we go through with you:

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Drones offer proven added value for your company and your customers

Do you want to use a drone for your company in a commercial environment and you are looking for a complete solution with our expertise and support? Then the experts at Drone Flight Company are ready to help you. On our website you will find various courses and 3 all-inclusive packages for the use of a drone, including the required training.

If you want to fly drones, whether it's as a hobby or for commercial purposes, you will need to be aware of the relevant laws and regulations regarding commercial drone operations in Dutch airspace. You can gain access to this knowledge by following one of our courses. We do not only teach you to deal with air law and regulations, but also teach you how to handle your drone, how to judge weather conditions and how to prepare and plan your drone operation.