Are you in compliance with the rules for the commercial use of drones?

Do you already have a license?

Did you have your drone inspected technically?

Do you have an operational manual?

Are you insured?

About DFC

Drone Flight Company is a market leader in training and operating drones on the commercial market. We believe that drones are a valuable addition for many companies. That is why we are happy to use our knowledge and expertise to help companies in the use of drones.

Drone Flight Company

We've developed a new offer specially for the commercial market, in which you use one of our drones for a fixed monthly price. This includes training, insurance and support. We do this because we believe that a commercial drone should be available to every entrepreneur. On top of that, we're also committed to making the use of drones as easy and accessible as possible. We regularly consult the relevant legislator to discuss these matters.

Quality and experience

You always get the highest quality at Drone Flight Company. When it comes to drones, and when it comes to training. All our instructors have extensive experience in working with drones. They mostly have backgrounds in defense and aviation. You will be working with leading experts in the field. They know about all the technical options drones have to offer, they know everything about permits and all the relevant laws and regulations. This way you know you're getting the best out of your drone.

The team


Henk Ottens

Head of training / Senior RPAS instructor

  • More than 10 years experience as a senior instructor in the Dutch Defense
  • Specialist BVLOS and NQ in the Dutch Defense
  • Flight Instructor and in possession of Radio Telephony
  • Trains other instructors

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Frits Müller

Compliance Monitoring & Safety Manager/RPAS instructor 

  • Founder unit Unmanned Aviation Army Defense
  • More than 15 years experience as senior instructor and specialist drones
  • Flight Instructor and safety manager

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Frits van Laar

RPAS instructor 

  • More than 30 years experience with model flying 
  • More than 10 years experience as a professional drone pilot
  • Instructor and examiner at KNVVL 
  • Flight Instructor  

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Michiel Rote

RPAS instructor 

  • Practice instructor ROC-L and RPA-L
  • Professional drone operator
  • Experience in sales

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Sander Starreveld

Accountable manager

  • Accountable Manager
  • Commander of private jets
  • Instructor manned aviation
  • Former inspector ILenT

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Drone Flight Company mission and vision

Operating drones is subject to the necessary regulations. Our training for flying a mini-drone and our training to become a drone pilot ensure that safety is always guaranteed for yourself and other participants in air traffic. Our drone instructors have all been approved as trainers by the Dutch government. The sky belongs to all of us, but we have to share it in a safe way. That way, the use of drones will also be possible in the future.

During the training you will learn both the theoretical and the practical side of flying a drone. After your exam you get your drone certificate and you meet the requirements for a drone license.

The training for drone professionals was developed by us. This is a guarantee for quality. The Dutch government has also recognised Drone Flight Academy, the training courses provided by Drone Flight Company, as a flight school.