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UTC Aerial Photography - Weekend

This training is meant for anyone who flies drones and wants to follow a semi-professional training course that teaches the use of drones for photography in a relaxed environment.

The Aerial Photography - Weekend training lasts four days and is spread across two weekends. This way you can keep a normal working pattern, and you can prepare for a future with drones in the best possible way. The focus of this training is on videography. You learn about the film applications, image compositions, settings and skills needed to work safely and create and edit beautiful images.

The DJI UTC Aerial Photography - Weekend training includes the online ROC-Light training and exam. You need to do the online ROC-Light training yourself. The certificate that you get from this training is required to be able to fly a drone for commercial purposes in the Netherlands. That's where it's all about during the UTC training. You will make a lot of practical hours and learn all about DJI software, the possibilities when it comes to editing your photo or video material and you learn everything about the specific applications for film and videography.

Phased plan:

There are a number of steps that need to be taken before you successfully complete UTC Aerial Photography - Weekend training.

Step 1

Book the UTC Aerial Photography - Weekend training through our website. Select a date of your choice.

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Step 2

You'll follow the ROC-Light theoretical training online, so you are well prepared for the theory exam.

Step 3

You must register for the ROC-Light theory exam in order to take the exam.

Step 4

Two weekends with fellow drone enthusiasts to learn about videography together.

Training UTC Aerial Photography

The two weekends of training aren't just about theory and practice. It's also fun to be together, to meet new people, to share experiences and to enjoy a bite to eat and drink. In short, you spend two weekends with same minded people who are also into drones and producing visual footages from the sky!

The UTC training courses are at a different level than the existing ROC-Light and RPA-L training courses. Whereas the ROC-Light and RPA-L focus on regulation, the UTC training focuses on the application. The combination of the two means that you will be ready for the future with the UTC training in one go.

During the UTC Aerial Photography - Weekend training, the following components will be discussed:

  • National rules and regulations (ROC-Light online) Flight safety
  • Flight preparation and routine
  • Risk Analysis
  • Basic and advanced DJI settings
  • Equipment-specific information
  • Composition and recordings of aerial photographs
  • Creating a script for aerial photography
  • Specific characteristics of different available payloads/cameras - Techniques in aerial photography
  • Assessment and analysis of aerial photographs and videos

The price for this drone training is:

€1775,- (excl. 21% VAT).


Materials to follow the theoretical lessons, examination fees, use of drones, coffee/tea, lunch are included in this price.

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The following costs are not included:

Cost to apply for ROC-light license through ILenT.

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