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UTC Aerial Photography – Professional

This five-day training course is meant for journalists, cameramen, photographers or other professionals who use drones for commercial purposes in order to collect photo or video material. The training is given on consecutive days during the week.

Compared to the Weekend training, the Professional edition focuses more on technical details of drones and payloads, and less on generic photography-related subjects such as shutter speed and aperture.

Our target is to organise the training for a specific group. If you are a journalist, you will meet fellow journalists in the training. This allows us to tailor the training very specifically to your goals and also broaden your network. The training for cameramen, therefore, focuses more on flight techniques, while the training for photographers is more about aerial photography with a drone.

Phased plan:

In order to complete the UTC Aerial Photography - Professional training successfully, a number of steps have to be taken.

Step 1

Sign up for UTC Aerial Photography - Professional training via our website.

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Step 2

Follow the online ROC-Light theory training, so you are well prepared for the theory exam.

Step 3

Sign up for the ROC-Light theory exam and take the exam.

Step 4

Follow the 5-day training course, which focuses on the technical aspects of drones and payloads.

UTC Aerial Photography - Professional training

Product knowledge and technology are paramount in this practical training. This will teach you which drone is best suited to any given situation. Because of the extra day of classes we can focus more on practical flying.

The following items will be covered during the DJI UTC Aerial Photography - Professional training:

  • Rules and regulations
  • Aviation safety
  • Flight preparation and routine
  • Risk Analysis
  • Extensive knowledge of the DJI settings
  • Use of colour profiles (LUTs)
  • Composition and recordings of aerial photographs
  • Creating a theme-based script for aerial photography
  • Techniques in aerial photography/videography
  • Aerial panoramas
  • Time lapse air videos
  • Finishing with the help of DJI Go4, Adobe Lightroom and Premiere
  • Music editing

Both DJI UTC Aerial Photography  training are combined with the official ROC-Light certificate in the Netherlands. This certificate is required when you are looking for a job as a commercial drone pilot in the Netherlands. Once you have successfully completed this program, you will receive two certificates; the DJI UTC Aerial Photography Certificate and the Remotely Piloted Operator Certificate - Light (ROC-Light).

The price for this drone training is:

€1775,- (excl. 21% VAT).


Materials to follow the theoretical lessons, examination fees, use of drones coffee/tea, lunch are included in this price.

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The following is not included:

Cost to apply for ROC-light license at ILenT.

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