Are you in compliance with the rules for the commercial use of drones?

Do you already have a license?

Did you have your drone inspected technically?

Do you have an operational manual?

Are you insured?

Advanced package

In many instances, within the business community or the government, the use of a drone is a solution that saves time and money. Time-consuming inspections at high altitudes, or in large areas, or for supervising events. Thanks to the high-end sensors on our drones, not only do you get more of an overview, but it's actually more efficient.

Phased plan:

There are a number of steps that must be taken before you can start making drone images.

Step 1

Choose the package that meets your requirements.

Step 2

Choose the drone that you prefer.

Step 3

Follow the ROC-Light training.

Step 4

Fly your drone!

A drone from Drone Flight Company? This is included in the package:

  • Drone: DJI Inspire 2 with X5S, DJI M200 with X5S or M600 PRO
  • SKB Case: fall protection and protection against rain
  • Controllers
  • 6 TB55 batteries
  • Extensive support during workdays
  • RPA-L training: theory, practical and exam
  • Back-up device
  • All-risk insurance
  • Medical examinations
  • Maintenance: an extensive check-up twice a year
  • Proof of registration ILT (Inspection Environment and Transport)
  • Annual currency training

The drones from the Advanced package give you plenty of possibilities in terms of flight distance and altitude. With the advanced package you can fly at greater altitudes and travel longer distances than with the Basic package. Thanks to the special additional exemptions that Drone Flight Company can request for you, Dutch airspace is at your disposal. We work closely with the ILenT to facilitate and expand the professional use of drones and together we asses which conditions must be met.

RPA-L training as a drone pilot

In order to use a drone from the Advanced package, follow our RPA-L drone pilot training. Learn to fly your drone under the supervision of experienced drone instructors. The RPA-L course includes 3 days of theory training, followed by a theory exam, followed by 2.5 days of extra practical training. Not only you will discover the technical possibilities of your drone, but you'll also learn all about air-laws and regulations involved in operating drones in the Netherlands. After completing the drone training you will perform an exam. When you pass this successfully and you've passed the medical examination, you will receive a drone certificate and a drone license from the ILenT.

The cost of a drone from Drone Flight Company

You pay a monthly contribution for the use of a drone.

  • 1 year, price per month €799,- * 
  • 2 years, price per month €399,- * 

* Prices shown are excl. VAT


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