Are you in compliance with the rules for the commercial use of drones?

Do you already have a license?

Did you have your drone inspected technically?

Do you have an operational manual?

Are you insured?

Tailor-made package

Do you want to fly drones for commercial use, but the basic and advanced package does not meet your requirements? Then we can make a package that includes everything your requirements needs.

Phased plan:

There are a number of steps that must be taken before we can put together a tailor-made package for you.

Step 1

Consider what you want to use the drone(s) for.

Step 2

See which type of drone meets your requirements and goals and determine how many drones you think you'll need.

Step 3

Contact us and discuss your requirements and goals.

Step 4

We put together a package that matches your goals and requirements.

A drone from Drone Flight Company? This can be included in the package:

  • Drone: DJI Inspire 2 with X5S, DJI M200 with X5S or M600 PRO
  • SKB Case: fall protection and protection against rain
  • Controllers
  • 6 TB55 batteries
  • Extensive support during workdays
  • RPA-L training: theory, practice and exam
  • Back-up device
  • All-risk insurance
  • Medical examinations
  • Maintenance: an extensive check-up twice a year
  • Proof of registration ILT (Inspection Environment and Transport)
  • Annual currency training
  • User license Drone Flight Operations (ROC State of Motion BV)

When you choose the Tailor-Made package, we ensure that the training and the drone are fully tailored to your needs. Together we will look, for example, distances you'll need to fly to carry out your operation, to assess the appropriate training package.

Training as a drone pilot

Once you've chosen a tailor-made package, the contents of the package are arranged to meet your requirements. For example, if it's important that you have the capacity to fly at a greater height, the RPA-L training may be appropriate, but if you don't necessarily require additional height, then ROC-Light may be sufficient. The courses consist of a theoretical part and a practical part. This way, not only do you discover the technical possibilities of your drone, but you also learn everything about air- law and regulations involved with operating drones in the Netherlands. So, there are lots of cases that we would like to discuss with you before we put together a package for you.

The cost of a drone from Drone Flight Company

You pay a monthly contribution for the use of a drone. Since we provide a tailor-made package, the price will be calculated on your requirements.

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